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Why Steel Structure?

Why Steel Structure?

Steel structures can easily adapt to changing needs at different times.
Provided that it is designed correctly, it is possible to make horizontal and vertical attachments to steel structures, to remove new floors,

Aesthetic Advantages

Steel, providing functional solutions for designers is suitable for building materials. It is not a coincidence that most of the structures awarded internationally were built with steel bearing systems.

Places of Use

• Large openings to be overcome without tie-bar
• Structures with weak foundations
• Structures in earthquake zones
• Industrial Buildings
• Portable Buildings

Purposes of Use

• High tensile strength, high tensile strength,
• Ductility reinforcement possibilities
• High modulus of elasticity,
• Reinforcement possibility,
• Removable and portable
• Lightness

Fields Of Activity

• Free Form Structures
• Shopping Malls
• Multi-Storey Houses and Buildings
• Industrial Buildings and Facilities
• Mosques, Airports and Stadiums
• Bridges and Other Structures

Technical Advantages

• Homogeneous and isotropic material. It is safe because its production is under strict and continuous supervision.
• It is a high strength material, its ratio of self-weight to load is very small, in other words it is light.

Advantages of Use

• Resistant to earthquake.
• It has the ability to change shape.
• Economic.
• Can be built on weak (problematic) floors.
• Without project, production and installation cannot be done. Requires profe