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  KONMAKSAN, which provides service in every field where iron and steel is used in construction and building sector, is not trying to be the biggest but to provide the highest quality service.

   KONMAKSAN Steel Structure and Panel Company was established in Konya in 1996, which aims to produce the highest quality product, adopt the competitive price policy and deliver the projects on time according to customer expectations. Established with 100% domestic capital, KONMAKSAN has grown steadily with high acceleration through the quality products it offers to its customers, people-oriented service policies and close cooperation. 

   Since its establishment, it has increased its capacity by 1000% and has undertaken many domestic and global projects.

  With its high technology production line and professional working methods, it has never compromised international standards and the principle of sustainability of quality.

   Our company has 1100 tons of steel production and assembly capacity per month, 60.000 m2 per month for roof and facade panels, 30.000 m2 per month for cold room panel assemblies.

   KONMAKSAN has become a service brand established to offer contemporary, practical and rapid solutions to investors and will continue to move forward on this path.

   In this progress, the appreciation, happiness and trust of our customers is our greatest source of pride.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide high quality service by using the latest technology in the steel industry with its dynamic staff continuously improving itself.

In the light of total quality management philosophy,
Our company is to take the leading position in our country further.

To meet the expectations of all our customers at the highest level and to be the leading company in the steel construction sector in our country.

Our Vision

Our aim is to meet the expectations of the steel used in all areas of the structure with professional quality understanding and to provide the satisfaction of our customers by providing quality services that will increase the competitiveness.

In the light of universal values, our company is to reach a more contemporary, dynamic level and to provide more efficient results to our customers in the areas we operate.

Our Qualty, Environment and OSHA

• To maintain and improve our system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental Health, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

• To produce and deliver products in accordance with quality, environment and safety standards in line with customer satisfaction and request.

• Achieve a leading position in the steel industry by reducing costs and continuously improving product quality.

• To ensure continuous training of all employees, to organize training programs and to ensure the participation of all personnel.

• To not pollute the environment we work in, to protect our natural resources, to minimize the use of resources, design and manufacturing processes that will create minimal waste to improve the energy consumption.

• To effectively program and implement the control and supervision of manufacturing equipment and workers and to prevent physical injury and occupational diseases in order to ensure occupational safety.

• To ensure that every job we do is carried out continuously and correctly at the first time.

• Working in accordance with international standards and legal requirements.